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Speedy Security Doors This has a significant impact on strength, ensuring Crimsafe mesh cannot be cut, kicked in or prized loose
Commercial Door Company offers doors, gates and dock equipment for commercial and industrial applications

Glass and Aluminum Doors - Commercial Door Installs Toronto - Security Bars and Doors

Glass and Aluminum Doors are commonly used for retail and commercial entrances
provide standard or custom aluminum glass doors for your entrance specific to your needs

Aluminium frames with less mass for easy opening.
Durable locks for security.
Entry and exit pull or push handles
Panic devices and lever-style locks
Powder coating for a long lasting durable finish
Glass options include Dual-glazed, tempered, and more
Custom modifications and upgrades
Hydraulic closers
Motorized open and close
We provide the most elevated industry standards when working within your home or commercial area. We are trained and skilled in repairing and installing techniques for your basic and advanced locks and Doors call Today 647-483-7038

Blast Resistant

Resistant Doors are used in banks, buildings, gas stations, cash centers, and high crime areas. These doors and windows come in a variety of grades and are rated to resist penetration

 Bullet Resistant Glass is the most common protection for fixed windows or glass/metal doors. Most metal frame doors can accept bullet resistant glass.

Solid Metal doors
Wood Doors, choice of wood, metal core
Bullet resistant Glass doors
Multiple grades of blast resistance.

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House Doors
How much does it cost to get a new front door?
How much does it cost to put in a sliding glass door?
How much does it cost to install an interior door?
How much does it cost to replace a door frame?
How do I repair a sagging door?
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How do you fix a hole in a door?

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Framing for a New Exterior Door
Framing with Metal Studs
Installing a Prehung Exterior Door
Installing a Prehung Door
Installing a Storm Door
Framing for Closet Doors
Installing a Patio Door
Installing Bypass Doors

Upgrade Your House With New Interior Doors
install interior and exterior doors of all types. Before you replace a door with another of the same type, consider other possibilities. For instance, you may be able to replace a standard exterior door with a larger patio door. A pocket door can sometimes replace a regular interior door and save space at the same time
: Fill the void with glue. Squeeze in enough glue to fill the broken-out screw holes and coat the cup area. Then press the cup into the opening until the glue oozes out. Drop the screws into the hinge holes and tighten the ones that still have some wood to bite into... Our expert locksmiths can install or repair any Door  locks for your home. Our locksmith can install the right bolts on your home to keep it safe from potential criminals.

 We create safe and secure atmosphere by supplying high and secure Doors to your home or commercial unit  security access and control systems.
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