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Speedy Locksmith Toronto Residential Locksmith provide many situations that you may come across like repair of lock, locked out of home, lost keys, Lock Repair, Lock change....

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Speedy Locksmith Toronto Commercial Locksmith provides you with a variety of security solutions at the commercial front for both small and large types of businesses.

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No more panicking! Toronto Automotive Locksmith services provides you 24 hours of service. You can contact us at any moment morning or late night.

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Speedy Locksmith Toronto Locksmith emergency van is well equipped with their expert staff always ready to handle any critical situations 24 hr locksmith services at less expensive rates.

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Learn How To Keep Criminals from Unlocking Your Doors. Chain door guard with bolt lock

You can even install a chain plate that is key operated. This means that when you leave your home, you can use a key to release the chain from the chain plate, then grab the chain from outside the door and attach it back into the chain plate using your key. At that point, your door utilizes the chain lock even when you are not home, and potential burglars cannot remove the chain from the chain plate without the key.

When home, many people enjoy the security of being able to open their door while still have a lock in place. This is especially good for older or younger people who are home alone and need some added security.647-483-7038



While movies often portray these locks as easy to kick-in, it is usually easier said than done. However, if a thief breaks through a key lock, and is confronted with a locked chain lock, then they may have the tools necessary to cut through the chain and still enter the home.

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chain door guard with key
chain door guard installation
cut / unlock Kryptonite Chain Lock
Other Security Door Locks
Chain door guard with bolt lock


IncreasedHome Security Deadbolt and Child Proof Doors


How Does The Door Guardian Door Lock Work?

The Door Guardian was designed to work on virtually all exterior and interior doors in homes, condos and apartments. The lock will resist forced entry stopping crooks in their tracks. The lock works on wood door jambs and metal jambs too. Included in every order is the Door Guardian Security Door Lock, 3" drywall screws, self-tapping screws and full instructions for installation.


There are other door guards that are beneficial both while inside and outside of the home. They can even be combined to provide heightened security and make it harder or less appealing for an intruder to attempt a break in. call 647-483-7038

For instance, when you are inside the home, there are various latch locks available for the inside of your doors. A latch lock has one plate attached to the wall with a latch, and then another plate attached to the door with a bump that the latch can fit around. These can be in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and finding one that goes with your decor should be very simple.

When coming home, you may want to buy a door guard that doesn’t require a lot of fumbling around. For instance, you can buy an electronic security keypad lock that works with batteries and provides an easy way to enter your home when your hands are full. We can also re-lock after a few seconds for extra protection in case someone is following you into your home and is waiting for you to be vulnerable after entering. Often these locks have additional key locks for use too.

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